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Gary Comstock (professor of philosophy at Norh Carolina State University):

 " Before Rationale, I was only able to lecture at my students about the skill of evaluating arguments. 

After Rationale, I have the technology I need to help them actually acquire the skill." 


Kees van EE, Stafbureau O&O, Hanzehogeschool:

' Finally: a method that provides lecturers with real tools to help students getting their thinking and writing to a higher level.

And even more: the excellent Rationale program helps you making a good structure for your reasoning, arguments, analyses and evaluation.'


 More testimonials




On the method Critical Thinking with Rationale and Rationale

- Davies, W.M., Computer-Assisted Argument Mapping: A Rationale Approach . 2009. Higher Education.

- S. van Driel & H. Prakken, Visualising the argumentation structure of an expert witness report with Rationale (extended abstract) . In A.Z. Wyner (ed.), Proceedings of the Workshop on Modelling Legal Cases and Legal Rules, in conjunction with JURIX-10, Liverpool 2010, pp. 1-8.

From the Abstract:

'This paper reports on a case study in which the use of the Rationale software was investigated to analyse the argumentation structure of a Dutch expert witness report in a criminal case. The underlying motivation of the case study was to explore the usefulness of argumentation visualisation software for increasing a judge's understanding of expert reports and for assisting him or her in asking the proper critical questions to the expert. By way of an initial exploration of this usefulness, an expert report was analysed with the Rationale software. The visualisation was informally discussed with a legal expert, who was generally positive but also expressed some concerns and expected that the main usefulness of the tool is in training and education of judges.'

For the Rationale maps that were used in this research, click here (you need Rationale to open them).

- Some articles on Rationale on the site of Austhink (developer of Rationale and its connected materials).

- Argument Mapping in Your Subject:

'This website provides resources intended to support university-level educators incorporate argument mapping into their teaching, with a particular focus on how argument mapping can be incorporated into a standard one-semester subject in almost any discipline.'

- The Wiki site of Rationale (mirrorsite). On this site you can find many argument maps (made in Rationale ) on different subjects. Especially noteworthy are the sections on patterns of argument and the section on argumentation schemes and their related critical questions (cf. the work of Walton, Pollock and Katzay & Reed).

- An example of an argument map made a s the first step in writing an essay or paper. Note the ease and precision with wich a teacher can provide the student with feedback before he starts with time consuming wrestling with often badly structured text.

- Examples of the use of argument maps in secondary and tertiairy education and a general Teachers Guide.


In Dutch:


- A link to the laudatio that was delivered when the Foundation Kritisch Denken received the Silver Innovation Award of The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences in 2008 and a link to the ceremony itself.

- Two interviews with Timo ter Berg ( Foundation Kritisch Denken): in Hogeschoolbericht (June 2008) an one in Nieuwsbrief 33 (april 2011) of the Vakcommunity Filosofie of the Digitale School.

- An interview of Mirjam Broekhoff with Kaki Markus, lecturer CTwR in the IBMS of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam about the importance of separate training of students in critical thinking in combination with organizing transfer to the whole curriculum.