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Gary Comstock (professor of philosophy at Norh Carolina State University):

 " Before Rationale, I was only able to lecture at my students about the skill of evaluating arguments. 

After Rationale, I have the technology I need to help them actually acquire the skill." 


Kees van EE, Stafbureau O&O, Hanzehogeschool:

' Finally: a method that provides lecturers with real tools to help students getting their thinking and writing to a higher level.

And even more: the excellent Rationale program helps you making a good structure for your reasoning, arguments, analyses and evaluation.'


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The method Critical Thinking with Rationale comprises a complete teaching and training set, available in both English and Dutch, and includes the following materials:

- Software: Rationale. Rationale is the tool to make argument maps. To see why it it is important to make argument maps for the development of critical thinking skills click here
- Sites providing scaffolded practice, with tons of interactive exercises of increasing difficulty and quizzes, to be made by using Rationale.
- Lots of Exercises / Homework Assignments with model answers
- The book: Critical Thinking. Reasoning and Communicating with Rationale. (Pearson, 2011).
- Lessons: 26 Powerpoint presentations for interactive lessons in which the system of concepts of the book and Rationale itself are completely integrated (level: College and University)
- Checklists and Feedback forms
- Self-study Guide
- Course designs
- Teacher`s handbook
- Assignments / tests / exams
- Several Guides for teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary education with activities, examples, templates for  dedicated courses Critical tThinking and for using Rationale across the curriculum.

Users of the method have made a `community of practice` consisting of teachers/trainers working with CTwR and share their materials (exercises with model answers, course designs, and so on).

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For an overview of the entire method in one picture, see hereunder or click here .

For an overview of the critical thinking skills that are addressed by this method, see furher down , or click here and here.


method ctwr



An overview of critciaal thinking (sub-) skills that are addressed by CTwR:


ct skills within ctwr


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