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Gary Comstock (professor of philosophy at Norh Carolina State University):

 " Before Rationale, I was only able to lecture at my students about the skill of evaluating arguments. 

After Rationale, I have the technology I need to help them actually acquire the skill." 


Kees van EE, Stafbureau O&O, Hanzehogeschool:

' Finally: a method that provides lecturers with real tools to help students getting their thinking and writing to a higher level.

And even more: the excellent Rationale program helps you making a good structure for your reasoning, arguments, analyses and evaluation.'


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The method Critical Thinking with Rationale (CTwR) has been developed as a result of the initiative of the Australian Research Council that commissioned a four-year research project in 2001 on how to improve critical thinking skills.

This method - of which the circle of users ( universities and insitutions within secondary education) has been expanding all over the world since 2006 - has been introduced in the Netherlands by Stichting Kritisch Denken, the Dutch Critical Thinking Foundation and is now made avalilable to other European countries.

Critical Thinking in a Curriculum

Program managers/ lecturers/ deans that are responsible for the development of critical thinking skills of their students/pupils need a tool by which they can infuse their whole curriculum with the necessary exercises by which their students/pupils can develop their skills.

The aim of the developers of the method CTwR and of this site is to provide them with these tools.

Fundamentals of CTwR

♦ The first and vital starting point of CTwR is that you do not learn critical thinking by reading a book about it, but by practicing it.

♦ The second starting point (based on continually growing evidence) is that the visualization of arguments with the help of argument maps fosters the development of critical thinking skills.

♦ The third starting point is that students/pupils need to practice a lot; a single course in Critical Thinking won't do enough ( BTW: expecting that critical thinking skills are being developed by infusing them in other subjects only and not adressing them separately too will not work: see the meta-analysis of Abrami e.a. under Downloads).

For the evidence behind these fundamentals, see the section Downloads.

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