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Gary Comstock (professor of philosophy at Norh Carolina State University):

 " Before Rationale, I was only able to lecture at my students about the skill of evaluating arguments. 

After Rationale, I have the technology I need to help them actually acquire the skill." 


Kees van EE, Stafbureau O&O, Hanzehogeschool:

' Finally: a method that provides lecturers with real tools to help students getting their thinking and writing to a higher level.

And even more: the excellent Rationale program helps you making a good structure for your reasoning, arguments, analyses and evaluation.'


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Rationale is software designed to support thought processes by visualizing them.

With the help of Rationale you can:

- Order information
- Make argument maps (click here to see its relevance)
- Analyze your own reasoning, or that of other people
- Build up an argument on the basis of an argument map and write it out
- Evaluate reasoning, including references to sources

Click here to view a visual demonstration of the use of a few elements of Rationale.

For how to work with Rationale see Getting Started with Rationale.

Help function and Practice sites within Rationale

Rationale contains a detailed Help function with an explanation of various critical thinking skills such as: grouping, reasoning, analyzing and evaluating.

In addition, you can use links hereunder to find practice sites in Rationale with which you can practice and develop your critical and analytical skills:

Critical Thinking Exercises

Tutorials on making argument maps: more extensive theory and exercises for advanced learners

Reasoning for Knowledge Exercises: exercises related to knowledge, truth and reasoning. They are particularly helpful for use with the International Baccalaureate's Theory of Knowledge unit in the Diploma Programme and University programmes.


The sites mentioned above contain more than two hundred exercises with model answers and tests that enable you to monitor your own progress. You can go directly to those exercises and tests in Rationale by using an internal browser within Rationale.

In combination with the book `Critical Thinking. Reasoning and Communicating with Rationale`, the practice sites, the Help function within Rationale and a Self-study Guide (included in purchase), Rationale is very suitable for self-study/training.


Trial version

Rationale version 2 can be downloaded here for a one-week trial period. An extension of this period is possible for teachers/trainers on request by email, stating the relevant details.

Purchase of individual copies of Rationale

- You can purchase Rationale version 2 here.


Educational licences

- To obtain a site licence on Rationale or on the method CTwR or more information please send us a mail.